Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

south point hotel and casino las vegas nevada

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

South Point Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are the hottest entertainment destination in the valley. The area has so much to offer that you will be certain to find something you love at the hotel and casino. From the theme parks to the nightlife, this place is a one stop shop.

The North Valley is famous for its shows and concerts that include bluegrass and country music. Even in these tough economic times, the performances continue. South Point Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are also a favorite place for such performances. With the downtown Las Vegas Strip is the busiest area of Las Vegas, many performers stay at the hotel and casino to perform to the masses.

The southernmost hotel and casino in the North Valley is located on the famous Red Rock Canyon. Its four miles of canyon gives it a very spectacular appearance. It also has many restaurants and shops with outdoor seating, much like a mall. Many of these retail shops are open all year around, giving a variety of tourist shopping opportunities.

These are just a few of the wonderful things about the South Point Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. There are many other attractions, you can take advantage of, from the art gallery to the gift shop. The hotel and casino are right off the famed Las Vegas Strip and there is great parking nearby, allowing the hotel guests to enjoy the experience of having the Las Vegas Strip as close as possible.

The Red Rock Canyon has also been named by many as the most beautiful stretch of canyon in the world. There are plenty of overlooks of this stretch that would make a wonderful place to relax with your family. If you have children, they will be thrilled at the many of the activities available for them there, like golf courses, restaurants, playrooms, pools, spas, gardens, etc.

Along with being in the heart of the North Valley, the hotel and casino has enough room for everyone who loves shopping. Its original location is on North Fremont Street, on the edge of the Las Vegas Strip. However, it has been relocated near the Sin City Expressway to make it easy for the tourists to get to the Red Rock Canyon area.

South Point Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is a must see when visiting the North Valley of Las Vegas. You can catch the best of shows, parties, shows, etc. Here’s hoping that there is something you can enjoy at this great entertainment venue.

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