Las Vegas Events and Accommodations – South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas

The South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas is the perfect choice for anyone looking for casino gambling entertainment and wonderful food. We have been serving visitors for over 50 years, which gives us a large base of people that come back year after year to enjoy our fine dining and fabulous gambling entertainment. For the true Vegas fan, this is the place to be. Take your family, friends or business associates to the Las Vegas hotels of choice to enjoy the finest in all of the great activities of Las Vegas.

South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas offers spectacular casino gaming and great food. We also provide you with the option of playing at our home site located just fifteen minutes from our Las Vegas hotel. You can get down to some great casino gaming or spend the day dining at one of our five star world class restaurants. Or, if you prefer, you can take your evening game or night meal to one of our top notch bars.

With casinos located on over seven hundred acres in the heart of the city of Las Vegas, you will be able to get in touch with the Vegas lifestyle right from the first moment you step through the doors. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, play poker or even go to a casino gambling night at one of our fine restaurants, you will find it easy to be entertained by our entertaining staff and wonderful food. The comfort and convenience of South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas is sure to please.

For those who love the desert heat and sunshine, there is something for everyone in the environment. In addition to our great food and great customer service, you can stay out of the heat without leaving the comfort of your own private room. That alone makes this a great choice for any family that wants to spend a night, a day or an entire week on the Vegas Strip!

Casino fans know that having their favorite casino is only part of the fun. If you are seeking all the entertainment and excitement that come with playing games of chance at one of the most renowned casinos, you can also find just that at South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas. There are plenty of amenities and options for all those who wish to come out to enjoy themselves and have fun, even when they are not playing at the casino floor.

Las Vegas has always been one of the world’s greatest places to visit, but it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of the Las Vegas nightlife into the mix. It’s easy to enjoy a fine meal in one of our fine restaurants, or to take your evening game to one of our fine bars. Our chefs know their way around some of the best food and best drinks that Las Vegas has to offer. You can easily find something that fits your taste, no matter what you are in the mood for.

When you are ready to find something for everyone, consider South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas. Whether you are on a budget or on a honeymoon, there is something for everyone in one of the most desirable hotels of the Las Vegas region. Consider that the only thing that really matters when you are in Las Vegas.

Join your fellow gamblers as they enjoy casino night, and have the same wonderful experience you would find at one of the world’s greatest casinos. Las Vegas is all about fun and entertainment, whether you are a hard core gamer or a casual fan of the game. At South Point Casino Hotel Las Vegas, you will find a casino that has everything that you need to bring the party home with you.